New product! Low cost GPS sensor added to suite of remote monitoring sensors

Moniteye, in conjunction with Nottingham Scientific Ltd (NSL), have developed a low cost GNSS sensor that provides x,y and z movement measurement to ~2mm accuracies. Currently in the trial phase, Moniteye are very excited to bring the product to market and believe that it has huge potential to bring all the benefits of GPS surveying techniques to the mass market. 

The device is able to be deployed in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Earthworks, such as embankments, cuttings, flood defences, etc
  • Construction sites
  • The built environment, such as buildings, bridges, pylons, supporting structures and wind turbines
  • Temporary structures, such as stands, seating, lighting, flood defences
  • The natural environment, such as landslides, earthquakes, tremors, coastal condition/erosion, ice caps

The devices utilises satellite positioning techniques commonly used within mobile phones to deliver precise movement of at-risk assets. The device is battery powered and can be quickly installed with no on-site calibration required. Other benefits include an alarming feature, an ability to interface into existing asset management systems via an API and a fully user-configurable measurement frequency that can be altered over the air (OTA).

If you are interesting hearing more about the device and its possible applications please get in touch via or call us to discuss further on 01572 770 780.