Stick 1.0 Ready to Go!


In some exciting news for Moniteye our affordable GNSS sensor (‘The STICK’) is now ready to be used out in the wild! After an exhaustive bout of testing, trialling and tweaking the device is now ready to be installed within a production environment. The trials have taken place on all manner of scenarios including moving hillsides, subsiding garages and stable retaining walls. This has helped to highlight the flexibility and robustness of the product as we look toward the commercialisation phase.

The device is an in-situ sensor that uses GPS technology to provide millimetric movement measurement over the long term. Using a combination of unique algorithms and clever sensor design the device is able to deliver this at a disruptive price point.

The STICK has been part of a number of Euroepan Space Agency (ESA) sponsored projects which have been a great help in proving the technique and device to users involved in those projects and the wider market. Case study details are available on request!

The device continues to benefit from firmware improvements as we learn more about how and why the device is used in real world environments. Improvements to date include power management update and more robust spot positions, with more updates planned in the future.

If you are interested in hearing more about what the Stick can do for your please call the office on 01572770780 or email