Remote Moisture Content Monitoring

HygroNet SoLo is a completely self powered stand alone system that records key drying data from flood damaged properties. The recorded data is automatically uploaded to a web bureau over the mobile phone network, there is no need to link to LAN or phone line making the install quick and easy. Simply log in to any internet enabled PC or smartphone to view the status of your drying portfolio.

• View all industry standard measurements such as ERH, in wall temp, ambient temperature/humidity, WME + specific humidity. Sensor takes consistent readings throughout the duration of the drying process

• Very Low Cost and Quick return on investment (if purchasing)

• Self powered with no wires-minimal install time

• Small size  and No special software needed, just use a standard web browser/smart phone

• Ideal for multi property projects

• Reduce total visits to site increasing profitability as well as reducing cycle time and increase job turnover. 

• Provide audit trails of drying process

• Automate target driven drying procedures with daily reports. With alarm functionality